Do you know what vitamin & minerals are?

Vitamins are necessary to run many of the body's processes properly. Vitamin deficiency may result in different diseases. A well-known vitamin deficiency disease is scurvy, which is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C and we also know that Vitamin A deficiency causes eye disease. So why is it doctors don't carry out tests to check our vitamin & mineral levels?

I believe a lot of illness and disease could be prevented if we understood more about how our body works and what it needs, not just to stay alive but to function on a level that we have optimum health!

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients, which act as coenzymes or cofactors in important metabolic activities, which occur in our body. As a coenzyme, a vitamin helps an enzyme to work. Enzymes are special proteins that change the rate of chemical reactions in our body. Enzymes are their own energy source which means they do not need any outside sources of energy to work and they don't need to change their forms while they are working. Enzymes are very specific. Each enzyme works on only one substance. For example, the digestive enzyme lipase only works on metabolising fat: it will not help with metabolising carbohydrates or protein. Some enzymes need to have specific vitamins present to do their work.

Vitamins & minerals are vital to our health & wellbeing - if we feed our body what it needs and prevent deficiencies then I truly believe we can fight illnesses and disease using natural sources - not man-made medicians.

If you would like to explore how vitamins & minerals could improve your health & wellbeing, please do get in touch.