Skin & Wellness Expert

Looking after ourselves starts from the inside out - with the power of three.
Jody has built a successful career in the beauty industry since 2001, and during the last 20 years she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the beauty forum - and the power it has when it comes to looking after ourselves.

Her intuitive understanding of how to approach looking after the health of your skin, manage the visual impact of aging and to feel good from the inside-out, completely intertwines with using a natural approach to working on how you look and feel.

While aging might be a fact of life, looking and feeling your age is not, and Jody loves helping her clients to achieve their goals when it comes to feeling and looking amazing.

There are many natural remedies that can be used to slow down the process and help you look more youthful. Jody believes in 100% natural products, supplements and treatments to help on your wellness journey, and so only uses products that are vegan and organic, with naturally occurring goodness - which is the foundation for optimum health. She tailors recommendations to her clients from the extensive portfolio of products she has available, to make sure that there is a great fit for what your goal is. The future of your skin is safe in her hands - the first part of the power of three.

Jody is trained and licensed to advise and prescribe advanced nutrition, wellness, and beauty, which means that she will use her skills to provide information to you to help you make informed choices about the impact of certain food groups, some lifestyle choices, or perhaps other factors that are impacting the health of the body and skin.

The future of your lifestyle is the second part of the power of three that are key to looking after ourselves.

Finally, the experience of profound sense of well-being can be achieved by everyone. Jody strongly believes in the benefit of having access to any relaxing therapy is an aide to improving the mind and spirit, as well as the body and skin. Her experience means that this is more than a belief but personally witnessed in the many people that she has worked with.

Challenging any imbalances in the body is key to helping create a stress-managed body - and nutrition and wellness are key for building the right environment to refresh and revitalise yourself. How 'stress' can be defined is so individual, however, the impact of this negative imbalance can add years to your skin, but can also have long-term and far more serious consequences.

This final aspect of the power of three makes the wellness journey with Jody unique and tailored to your needs.

If you're keen to explore more about how to improve your skin, health or wellness then why not find out how Jody can help you today - using her skills and the power of three.

Customer Reviews

Thank you for today's session Jody, my head feels so much clearer and I'm definitely less stressed than this morning! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support over the last couple of months. The last year has been really tough and your calmness and logical approach to life really help me. I really look forward to my treatments with you! If anyone needs some emotional support, I know where to send them! Thanks again, see you in two weeks.

Bespoke Wellness Programme

Jody from IYBeauty is amazing! I've been getting my eyebrows and lashes done for the past year and they've never looked so good! My eyebrows look really full but natural and I love not having to wear mascara after her lash lift. She's really friendly and has so much knowledge about beauty. She makes you feel really comfortable and gets great results. Can't recommend enough!

Lash lift & eyebrow enhancement client.

Intrigued and a bit sceptical about Reiki, I was very keen to try this therapy. Jody immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. And wow! I am amazed how relaxing and calming this treatment is. I felt a wonderful sense of wellbeing during and after treatment. I am now a convert and will definitely be booking again!

Reiki Healing Client

My skin care regime was non existent. The improvements I have seen over the past 4 weeks have been amazing. My skin has never looked better and has calmed right down.

Bespoke Treatment Programme

I can't believe the changes in my skin. Thank you Jody for helping me. I didn't realise the impact my gut was having on my skin'

Bespoke Treatment Programme

' Eve Taylor products are absolutely divine, the aromatherapy blends for each skin type are astounding and offer great results.' Rose P

Eve Taylor Customer.

' Felt great from the inside out. Skin was clearer and more glowing'

Skin Accumax Customer

' Brilliant, I have definitely seen a big change in my skin, hair and nails.'

Skin Ultimate Customer

' Over the last 8 weeks, I have made more progress on my skin than I have over 7 years' Charlotte

Advanced Nutrition Customer -

'Jody is always friendly and welcoming and always makes me feel at ease and comfortable for a moment or two of peace in an otherwise incredibly stressful day at the office.'

The Telegraph Media Group

'Jody has saved my eyebrows - Thank you. And to have this available within the workplace is absolutely amazing . Thank J/L and Jody'

John Lewis & Partners

'A lovely experience, lash lift is the best beauty treatment for an aging eye!'

Local Beauty Clients

'Thank you so much to Jodie for coming to see me the next day after a very late sos message! My neck was giving me unbearable pain and whatever she did, it immediately felt better and I felt like a new person pretty much straight after! A lovely, professional and very easy to talk to lady! Definitely recommend!'

Local Beauty Clients